julie, peter and the big secret secret2  
  grandfather jacob loses his voice  
  julie, peter and the google geezer  
  the snow machine  
  my name cat who swam the english channel4 check  
  who is scared of who? elephant jokes5  
  if i could be stoopid kids6 check  
  birthday poem3 the girl who saved the green7 check  
  1. Of course, all this kidding around was for my daughter, Yumee.  
  2. These Julie and Peter stories are pretty old—probably started in 1986 or there abouts. They were polished through to 1991, but I could never correct the tone which has an old fashioned and stilted quality. Even so, the plots are very cute and clever and definitely worth a quick read.  
  3.This is quite nice. Written for a home made birthday card. Give it a quick look-see.  
  4. This is great. Check it out. Recently reworked.  
  5. Go on. You know you want to have a look.  
  6. It's new! 2007. And it's cunning and crafty and cute.  
  7. I started this in 1991, got bored with it, forgot about it and lost all the notes for it. From the 20 or so pages I wrote back then, only the core idea of The Green remains. Everything else is pretty much new. This is my only kids' story so far that has no magical or supernatural element. It's simply about a girl who breaks the rules. It's also, I think, fine and dandy.