the concise history of the world1  
future tense2  
the itch4  
the royal throne5  
flying pigs6  
1. This was just about the first comedy I did on computer.It started out as a few bits and pieces that I stuck together. Mostly crap.
2. We should all learn to walk before we try to write novel length comedy. This was my first attempt, and as you'd expect there are major problems with diction, editing, pace, characterisation, spelling, plot, dotting the "i"s, knowing when to stop, knowing not to start and ink. Still, I take my hat off to myself for the effort. And writing an SF comedy set in the future using only the future tense is as cunning as it is outlandish.
3. Broadside was my own personal soapbox disguised as a student newspaper. Saint Lawrence CEGEP in Quebec city suffered this single handed attack on anything I could dig up. The chief victim, in retrospect, was the English language. Oh bombast. Oh sanctimonious twaddle of a thousand crossed Ts and angry letters in general. My only defense: it seemed fun at the time.
Here are a few of the more humerous bits.
4. Believe it or rot, most of this is actually true. It happened to me. I was there. I'm the witness! It's also a cunningly clever and bothersomely funny yarn which, for reason that will become obvious, makes heavy though easy to carry reference to Pope's Dunciad. If you only read one thing on this web site, read this—or something else.
5. It's poetry, so watch out. A satire losely fashioned after Samuel Butler's Hudibras it was offered (and accepted!) in place of a formal literature paper. Read it!
6. Canadian Satire.