keith waddington ©1988-2007
a thin book of poems by somebody else1
  the complete text  
  selected highlights  
  when i am  
  my daughter stayed away today  
  the mountain  
  the earthquake2  
  people are like pages3  
  an old married couple crosses the street  
  the final chapter  
  authentic voice  
  ode to wine  
  to what depths have we plunged  
  1. This is just a thrown together collection of most of the crappy poetry I've written. Starting at the year dot, and of course ending at the year dot. You can either read a few of the cute ones listed here, or, as usual, download the whole damn document.  
  2. This is very cute. So cute it will probably get up and do a dance for you. Give it a twirl!  
  3. This is so cute it actually wears boots.