inside out3  
  the game  
  the island4  
  larger than life  
  chicken soup5  
  down and in and out  
  1. Both these collections contain self-contained short stories. However, the stories form a whole and should really be read in order.  
  2. In 1985/6, I switched on an IBM DOS computer with a green screen, opened a word processor called Word Star, and wrote the first story in this collection. I consider "Freshly Cut Grass" the first real story I ever wrote (excluding pen and paper scribblings). It's probably not as bad as you expect.  
  3. Some are really not too bad.  
  4. I had this girlfriend, actually a wife, who left me and came back ad nasium. This is some of the self indulgent—though dastardly cute—stuff I commonly inflicted upon myself during absent times.  
  5. I had this other girlfriend, Beth by name and Beth by nature. It was a whirlwind romance. She liked horror—which may explain her initial fondness of me. This was a half hearted attempt at a horror story given as a birthday gift. Of course, it came out more like literature. Come to think of it, so did the doomed romance. A shame.