keith waddington ©1986-88

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  1. This is pure rubbish and comes from my time at the Sillery Adult Education Centre (Quebec City) when, in 1986 or so, I took a 6 month advanced French course and also spent 9 months doing my final two years of high school again. I actually spent most of my time on the (DOS) computers. Besides some handwritten creative stuff in my handwritten diary (started when I was about 13), this meeting of me and computer really got me serious about writing (in a non-serious kind of way, of course).  
  2. I believe this was written as part ofThe Concise History of the World. For some reason it was excluded. Perhaps because it's a pile of manure with a whole lot of weeds and a cow in a nearby field going "Moo." But that's just a guess.  
  3. This is a bit better than the rubbish so far. Give it a look-see.