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  I was thinking of getting a Dell but changed my mind. Ha ha ha! I have been using a mac since the Mac Plus.  
  Mark of the Unicorn Digital Performer  

Mini Review


Apart from a few awkward bits and pieces, DP works pretty much the way you would expect it to work. The interface is very pleasant, the features rich, and the price reasonable. I have no complaints and compared to using my old Akai 16 track hard disk recorder it really is in a different league.


fxpansion BFD2


Mini Review


BFD2 software runs much better than the original and is well worth the upgrade price. The hard disk streaming now performs very very well.



audioease Altiverb


Mini Review

All I can say is, this thing is very very expensive but really fantastic sounding. And they add new room samples every month, which you can download without charge.

At the same time I use very little reverb, so I'm not sure how wise I was to buy it. Go to their web site and check out the demos. You will be suitably impressed. Also, more music studio rooms and less castles might be a good idea!




Spectrasonics Trilian


Mini Review

Much better than the original trillogy. As usual, installing the thing may have you pulling out your hair. You may need 8 gigs of memory.

  IK Multimedia T-racks  
  IK Multimedia T-racks  

Mini Review

This is mastering software and I have the stand alone version. I like it because it has plenty of presets to help me find the sound I want without studying sound engineering for ten years.

Mastering Shoot Out

And now, boys and girls, the minor results of a mastering shoot out I tried to organise. Please feel free to download the original, master it and return the results for me to add here.

original unmastered clip

mastered with Waves L2

example 1 mastered with iZotope Ozone

example 2 mastered with iZotope Ozone

example 3 mastered with iZotope Ozone

my T-racks master

  PG Music Band in a Box  
  PG Music Band in a Box  

Mini Review

You type in the chords, choose a style of music and hit play.

Most of it is pretty cheesy.

Go to their web site and the mess and confusion you see will give you some idea of what this software is like. The mac version even has two different menus for choosing the style! It basically looks like it was thrown together by a bunch of teenage anarchists.

So why did I pay good money for it? If you want to Jam with other musicians but either can't stand other musicians or other musicians can't stand you, well Band in a Box will be your group of jam happy buddies. So that's why.

Getting BFD2 to ouput to seperate audio channels in Digital Performer  
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