jungle joe





I heard a story
a long time ago
the amazing adventures of Jungle Joe.
He never knew
from one to ten
how the numbers go round and round again.
He never was able to grasp it and hold it for long.


He never knew
to read or write
the smallest of words way above his height.
He never knew
that ABC
it was all confusion undoubtedly.
It was just the markings of madness from what he could see.


Jungle Joe was just a jungle man
living life the way we once began.
No contemplation of eternity
living life the way he
wants to be
he’s got to be
he wants to be
and that’s free from thinking.


The furthest thing
from his mind
was any conception of any kind.
The only thing
he really knew is
nothing is nothing is nothing too.
He was not concerned with the bottomless wishing well.