green bottles





Another suicide

What better place to hide.

Watch it going down:

I’ve killed my self ten thousand times since you went away

Well what more can I say?


Just another day

To drink my life away

So I will gladly take

The darkened darkness for the hope of hopelessness

Well it’s all such a mess.


Some kind of monster

Alive in my head

Drown it

Confound  it

But I kill me instead

Some kind of monster is

Wishing me dead . . .


Take a look

At the monster there—

You don’t know how I really care.

Take a look,

I dare you dare

No one knows how I really care.


So the wishing well

I wishing hell from hell.

I’ll drink my drink instead:

I’ll drink to all the dreams that died of you and of me

Dreams that never can be.


Another suicide

What better place to hide.

Down and down I go . . .

I take me for another endless ride there until

There is no crying still.