Yes, its true. Marie (pictured) is indeed pulling up her trousers, and Mike Labadie, being the perfect gentleman (ha!), is helping her. Turn to page three for the whole immoral story of what really goes on during S.L.C's popular Winter Camping Class.

Beating About the Bush: A Tale of Winter Camping

An almost real interview with Marie T. Ouellet.

The truth at last. Cornered and questioned Marie T. Ouellet, who preferred not to give her name, though who willingly offered her actual age and inside leg measurement, reluctantly agreed to the following interview. Readers should be warned that certain depictions of things that go bump in the night are suitable for an immature audience only.

Q. So why was Mike Labdie helping you on with your trousers?

A. Because it's all part of winter camping- or so he tells us.

Q. Is it true that Mike Labadie, whose name we cannot divulge, showed you his big tent pole, and that in fact you helped him put it up?

A. Yes. We all had certain tasks- and I'm always willing to do more for extra points.

Q. So what was your final grade?A. I don't know yet but, hey, how can I fail?

Q. How did most of the students keep warm?A. We all sat on Mikes hairy chest.

Q. How hairy was it?

A. It was so hairy that we lost three girls in there and they weren't found until the next morning.

Q. How did you entertain yourselves during the night in the log cabin.

A. We played Doctor.

Q. Who was the Doctor?

A. Mike.

Q. Who was the nurse?

A. Bob.[Delaney].

Q.What was the hardest part of Winter Camping.


Q.Would you ever go winter camping again?

A.Only if Mike goes with me.