Basketball Coach Doesn't Play Fair

It has come to our notice that a certain professor in St Lawrence College feels his jurisdiction over students extends beyond the confines of our campus. Last Friday, 2nd October, two members of the girls basket ball team were innocently partaking in a pleasant supper in the near by Table de Roi, before a scheduled match later that evening. Shortly after 6 PM the coach for this team sneaked into the brasserie and from a place of concealment proceeded to take mental note of those members of his squad who happened to be present. It should be stated at this point that the two girls he saw were simply eating and had not consumed any alcohol, a fact witnessed by this reporter. The coach then, and with out word to any one, took his leave. The girls arrived back in the gymnasium in good time for the match, but discovered ,on their arrival, that they had been benched. They were forbidden to play. When they enquired as to his reasons they were told that they were not allowed in a bar just before a game. Where does this type of tyrannical behaviour end? Perhaps next they will be told at what time they should retire of an evening? And perhaps with whom they should associate out of school? And maybe he would like the basket ball team to report to him once a week and confess the number of chocolate bars and sugar snacks they have consumed.

Then again, perhaps teachers should learn that where a student eats supper is none of his concern. Private lives, out of school, are private. They are out of school.