I’ve decided to do my own blob. U know every 1 is doing an internet blob now so I will do 1 2. Now, lol, I never really seen a blob but I’m guessing they are like an internet diary kinda ting. My friend told me theres audio blobs and video blobs as well, but I’m gonna do a writing blob to start wiv.

So I’m gonna do my blob so that all u people in internetland can hear about some of the crazy stuff I do. An I think my web site will get like a zillion more hits if I have a blob cos that’s what happens. So it’s a no-brainer right?

My name is Bob so I’m gonna call it “Bob’s Blob” lol. Cool right?

Bob’s Blob

12 July 2004

Hey  internland people welcome to my intent blob. This is gonna be sooooo cool and I’m really excited about it. I cant wait for all u internetland people to read this stuff. Oh, my friend, well he’s a geek lol, helped me make a guestbook so if u think something is really cool well u gotta write in my guest book. Now THAT’S what I call cool.

So me an my friend, the geek lol, we were talking about my new blob and he said we should go out to an fancy restaurant and celebrate. An it’s Friday now so were gonna go out and probably get wasted as well lol.

Any way this blob is gonna be awesome so WELCOME dudes and dudesses.

13 July 2004

Hey internetland people. Well my friend the geek lol couldn’t make it last night cos he sed he had a date and I sed “what like August 11th? (date get it?!) so any way my big plan to go to a fancy restaurant and then get wasted well it didn’t really happen. I sed hell and I just stayed home and had sum Kraft macaroni cheese which is ok cos I just luv that stuff. Well u gotta put a ton of ketchup to kill the taste rite but it’s still awesum.  And a had some coke and I got a buzz that u cant belive. I mean man I was buzzing lol. Well diet coke not the regular stuff. So I just chilled, u know? And like that was really cool.

14 July 2004

Hey internetland people. There was like this awesome earthquake here this morning. Like wow. I live in Canada and we like never have earthquakes and this one was totally brutal. If you never been in an earthquake I have to tell you it is one brutal thing that u will never forget.

So like I was watching the news like ALL DAY and they never even mentioned the earthquake so maybe I’m wrong. But I know I got a cup broken in the kitchen. So what the hell is going on??????? But it did have like this big crack for ages so who knows.

Any way this blob is starting to get going now and like this is sooooo cool. And if u like some of the crazy stuff I do well write something in the guestbook dude cos this stuff is just awesome.

15 July 2004

Ok. I decided something. if u gonna do a blob like me u gotta tell the truth or its no good. Right? Yeah. Cos I know pretty soon therell be like a gazillion ppl coming to my site an they don’t wanna read no stupid lies.

So right. What I did today was I whacked off for like 12 hours strate lol. I mean I was whackin away like nobodies business lol. So yeah. I had to stop cos I was starving so I made me some Kraft macaroni cos that stuff is awsum if u put a ton of ketchup which I do cos im not an idiot.

And then I had this super cool idea about writin this novel so I started that.

16 July 2004

I whacked off for 16 hours strate then wrote my awesum novel. But I stopped pretty quick cos I’m not sure what it’s gonna be about.

17 July 2004

I whacked off all day and then I had to stop to go meet my friend the nerd who did my guest book. (Why no 1 wrote in it yet?????????)

he’s a bit gay if u know what I mean so we whacked off together for a while lol.

So I decided my novel will be a bout this guy that keeps whacking off and never does any thin cos he keeps whacking off.

21 July 2004

Oh u internetland ppl. sorry I didn't do my blob for a few days. Like I been whacking off, lol, but I got stuck with this novel. U c if this guy in the novel keeps whacking off and so e never does any thin, well, like what’s e supposed to do? I mean I wrote he whacked off like a million times already so I dunno what happens next.

hey ppl, put something in the guest booooooook lol.

29 July 2004

I decided not to do the novel thing cos I keep getting stuck. The guy just keep whacking off 2 much. So nvm.