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Why Windows is Awesome and Why Mac Sucks Big Time
By Stewart Pid



First off, I’m a gamer. Right? And let's face it, computers are mostly made for gaming. Right? But I’m not just saying Windows is better for gaming (which it is), what I’m saying is Windows is better for EVERYTHING. And I’m not just saying that. What I’m saying is Microsoft rocks and Apple sucks big time. And any one who uses Apple is a stupid ass fanboy.

iChat Sucks

So, yeah I admit Macs have got sum okay stuff but Windows just has everything they have and its better. ALWAYS. Like iChat. Yeah, I used it at my friends. Yeah, it has smooth video and audio and u can go full screen and you can video conference with 3 other people and you don’t need no headphones and mic. But WTF? I already have the headphones with mic and I look cool when I wear it so what would I want with iChat? And who cares if MSN video is small and a bit blurry and jittery? I mean, this is just web chat so who the fuck needs everything to be perfect? And like, yeah, when would I want to chat with 3 different friends at the same time? I mean, who the fuck even has that many friends? And let me tell you, you really don’t want to see my face on full screen video I can tell you that for sure.

iPhoto Sucks

And WTF is all this slideshow and slideshow that? I mean WTF? Who would even want to see a stupid slideshow? Ok, I admit my mum might want to see some of the baby pics I took of Stew Jr. (and every one says he’s a real chip of the old block). But any way, when I downloaded them from my camera to my awesome Dell with Windows XP Professional Professional, I have no fucking idea where they went. I mean, I know they went somewhere and I looked on the hard drive (at least I think I was looking on the hard drive) but I can’t find them anywhere. So why the fuck would I want to show my mum my baby pics in a stupid slideshow when I don’t even know where they all went? Well obviously I wouldn’t, so Apple sucks big time.

Spotlight Sucks

Spotlight is this search thing in OS X. First off, WTF are they doing calling it OS X? It came out after OS 9 so obviously they should be calling it OS 10, right? That just shows how fucking stupid they are at Apple.
Any way, like we’ve had search in Windows forever, so why do they think they have something special? And why do they call it fucking Spotlight. On Windows we just call it search, right? I mean. And YES, I know Spotlight indexes new documents a millisecond after they’re created. But does it really need to do it so fast? I mean, WTF? When I make a document on my Dell it will definitely get indexed within 2 hours or so. Or at least the same day. Or that week or something. And that’s good enough for me and billions of other people. And any way, when Vista comes out it will index even faster than Spotlight and it will be totally awesome.

Time Machine Sucks

Okay, this is some stupid back up thing. Again, we’ve had this on Windows for years. And on Windows it doesn’t mess about helping you get a single file or a bunch of photos you accidently deleted God knows when. Nah, with Windows you can go back in time and RESTORE THE ENTIRE WINDOWS SYSTEM. Yeah, so if you get like a gazillion viruses or your directory is totally fucked, you can just go back in time and restore the entire OS to when it was working ok. Now that’s what I call a feature. And don’t bother telling me that there are no viruses for OS X or that it doesn’t have a directory or that you never need to restore the system. The fact is on OS X YOU CANT FUCKING DO IT!!!!!!!

Mail Sucks

So the new Mail app in OS X will have hot templates so that your emails will look oh so stylish. WTF????? Really, who cares what emails look like? I mean people don’t even care what regular mail looks like. It’s not like you can go into a store and buy super nice stylish paper and fancy envelopes. The fact is you can’t because no one cares about stuff looking nice.

Apple Computers Sucks

And yeah, same thing with Apple hardware. I mean, who gives a damn what a computer looks like? I have a Dell and it’s butt fucking fugly. But it gets the job done, and that’s what counts. AND you get value for money with DELL. I’v had 4 DELLS in the last 3 years, and I wouldn’t keep buying them after they crap out if they weren’t awesome value for money. Like I always say YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR. And DELL rocks, right?
And with DELL and WINDOWS you get the speed you need and I NEED SPEED. Yeah, I do gaming but I can tell you I do some pretty high end email and processor intensive web browsing as well and there is NO WAY I could do that shit on a Mac.
So yeah, maybe you can go into some yuppie Apple fanboys house and his Mac looks all cool in the living room but LOOKS DON’T COUNT FOR FUCK. My Dell is fucking fugly and I buy all my furniture at Walmart. Who cares if it all looks like shit? I can still sit on the chairs and eat off the tables, right? So all you Apple fanboys wake up because Apple sucks, OS X sucks, and you sucks too.