keith waddington ©1986-91


Who is scared of who?

Once there was a mouse

who lived in a house

but life was getting harder.

He lived in a hole,

eating things that he stole

from the giant kitchen larder.

In that house roamed a cat,

who was too meany and too fat

to leave that mouse be.

And he'd meeeow, "I am the strongest!

I am the bravest!

for you are scared of me.

And a dog in that house lived too.

He woofed and he gruffed when he didn't know what to do.

He was noisy all did agree.

He would chase that cat

yelling, "Drat drat drat!

you are afraid of me."

The man of the house, hearing the commotion,

promptly sent his foot in motion.

The dog barked, "Don't hurt me!"

The man laughed to himself,

resting elbow upon the shelf, said,

"You are afraid of me!"

Out hunting one day, the man did say,

"I am the strongest- it's quite plain to see."

But an angry elephant came by,

and giving him a fearful cry, said,

"You are afraid of me."

(The man was hiding up a tree!)

The elephant went on his way.

"He is the bravest," all did say

as he roamed the land, free.

But seeing the mouse, who was on holiday,

the elephant ran- he went that-a-way.

The mouse laughed, "You are afraid of me."