To What Depths Have We Plunged


Her Love was like walking on water
A final miracle after a stream of false prophets
An adventure yet safe and secure and sure
the future held no fear

And then she took some kind of twisted step
and plunged downwards
The surface broken there was no support and I followed her down down down
To what depths has she plunged?
In the cold deathly cold cloudy cold depths I can only guess.
I can only say she sank faster than I
To what depths have I plunged?
I can only say I hit rock bottom
A lifeless soulless hopeless place
where much later and quite alone
I found myself surprisingly grubbing around for lost or stolen treasure
Friends and acquaintances said the sharing of treasure was fair
But deep within my barely beating heart I knew
The offer to share was fair
The declination fairer
But this was just grubbing around in murky waters
For lost or stolen treasure

Her love was like walking on water
To what depths have we plunged . . .



November 2007