At the end of last semester, Room 334 was rapidly becoming the social centre of the school, with people dropping in and out all day long, to chat with friends, or hang around for obscure reasons of their own. This constant stream of people and conversation was most annoying to those intent on work, and many complaints were made. To make matters worse the Student Council, finally realising that the Year Book and Newspaper do need a Macintosh of their own (after wild protests to the contrary), decided that instead of buying a new computer, they would have one removed from room 334 instead.

The situation now is chaotic. With more and more people realising the practicalities of writing papers on computer, and with now only five available for a student body of over 700 hundred, queues have begun to form. Student can be seen hanging around awaiting their turn, chatting as they wait, adding to the madness.

The Council, responsible for the removal of the computer, was informed by Mr. Stewart that nobody uses them any way. Mr. Stewart, who I have yet to see in room 334, some how knows all about the goings on there. Wake up council, check things out before making a decision. And what of the administration? Are they still sleeping in another century? Wakey wakey wakey. The eighties are here. We do not write with chalk on slate any more. And yes, I do know there are two rooms full of I.B.M.'s, but they are simple too "user hostile" for most people to manage. Surely there must be funds some where to buy a few more Mac's.

Anyway, let's get the semester off to a good start: if you are not working in the computer room, now relocated, please stay out. There are plenty of other places in which to socialise. And let's have some kind of response from the administration.