keith waddington ©1987-88


  the complete text1  
  selected highlights  
  "Basketball Coach Doesn't Play Fair"2  
  "Sunshine Boy Banned"    
  "An Imaginary Interview With an SLC Student"  
  "Bob Donnely Confronts Failure—and Loses"3
  "Chaos in Computer Room"    
  "English Class See French Play"    
  "Sordid Sin on Winter Weekend"4  
  "A happy offer"  
  "Jean Robert, Drugs and Chocolate Milk"  
  "Welcome Back"  
  "Broadside Editor Fired"5  
  "The Vandenblinken"  
  1. This "complete" text is actually only the stuff that I wrote for the paper; though that was about 90%, so it's almost complete.  
  2. This is typical of the tone, style and content of the more "serious" stuff. It seems innocent enough; but in the stagnant and incestuous pond of SLC, it was enough to turn the coach into an immediate enemy! He was not amused.  
  3. Bob was a teacher and good pal at SLC. He was also the only teacher involved with Broadside. His main job was "sneaking" me into the teachers' computer room to use the untouchable lazer printer. Oh, and trying to look busy kept him pretty busy.  
  4. Unlike the girls' basketball coach (who was actually a philosophy teacher) Mike was a PE teacher with a great sense of humour—amongst other things!  
  5. This is where the shinanigans got crazy. Broadside was causing all kinds of problems—which is to say, I was causing all kinds of problems. The student council finally refused to pay for publication because they didn't like the stuff I said about them. The second in command of the school (Gagné?) screamed and shouted and illegally forced me to sign a paper swaring I would quit at the end of the semester! Of course, that became a lead story in the final edition.