July 2019  
  camping and hiking at kanto's most haunted castle 2  
  june 2019  
  the sights and sounds of hachijojima  
  april 2019  
  camping and hiking at kanto's most haunted castle  
  late 2018  
  yokohama a day out  
  tohoku a sight-seeing cycle tour  
  the art of zen cycling: kyushu in winter  
  aki river, tokyo in october  
  august 2018  
  my hols in hong kong 3  
  flowers for mum  
  april 2018  
  cherry blossoms around my place  
  following the cherry blossoms to akikawa river  
  shikoku winter bike camping  
  february 2018  
  tokyo to nagano  
  december 2017  
  mount fuji autumn bike touring  
  september 2017  
  hong kong hols 2  
  april 2017  
  biwako and japan sea  
  yamanakako a winter camp  
  march 2017  
  puppet show: Ok, let's go  
  may 2016  
  hong kong off the beaten track  
  march 2016  
  stop and enjoy the cherry blossom illuminations  
  From 2011. The original video, from a new Sony camera, suffered from a flakey image stabalisation and lack of skill using the new at that time Final Cut Pro X. The result was annoying and hard to watch. I reworked the project and this final version is much better.  

hiking around lake chuzenji
IPhone video
winter's end nara

  february 2016  
  hiking in hong kong  
  november 2015  
  kii peninsular bike camping  
  october 2015  
  local obon festival  
  let's dance videos  
  august 2015  
  nikko national park bike camping  
  june 2015  
  mount mitake, tokyo  
  sacred mount takao  
  biwako kyoto and nara bike camping tour  
  november 2014  
  shikoku bike camping tour  
  september 2014  
  my new home  
  april 2014  
  hong kong
  This gallery show photos using my new Sony DSC RX10 camera. We camped and hiked for three weeks, so taking the heavy Canon 5D plus a couple of heavy lenses was out of the question.  
  february 2014  
  spring in england  
  january 2014  
  september 2013  
  camping in hong kong  
  rural honshu  
  july 2013  
  hong kong  
  fuji five lakes bike touring  
  six dates around tokyo  
  GoPro Hero3 bike ride and swim test  
  july 2012  
  my favourite tokyo bike ride  
  june 2012  
  hawaii island  

bicycle tour japan: yakushima . . .


2012 Christmas and new year bike/camping trip to Yakushima, Kagoshima and Sakurajima. Pretty nice video. Check it out.

  may 2012  
  february 2012  
  golden week 2011  
  2011 bike/camping trip to kyushu. Places visited: Iki island, tsushima island, dazaifu, mount aso and finally miyajima.  
  november 2011  

This is my new website. Still under construction.

  let's dance  
  august 2011  
  A photo gallery of my "golden week" 2011 bike/camping trip to kyushu, as usual using my very fine Canon 5Dmkii. Places visited: Iki island, tsushima island, dazaifu, mount aso and finally miyajima, close to hiroshima.  
  february 2011  
  the sights and sounds of south korea  
  korea christmas and new year 2010  
  A small photo gallery of my snowy christmas/new year trip to Korea using my very fine Canon 5Dmkii.  
  january 2011  
  england and portugal 2010  
  our mary's bonnet  
  "Our Mary's Bonnet" is a tradition Yorkshire folk poem recited by my mother in broad Yorkshire dialect.  
  facing the first year—out-takes  
  december 2010  
  Portugal 2010  
  A nice photo gallery of my autumn trip to Portugal; and using my very fine Canon 5Dmkii.  
  november 2010  
  facing the first year  
  Watch this two minute video made from a year of ichat's and showing the gradual change of a newborn baby's face.  
  king of the castle  
  Started about three years ago. I abandoned music for two years and finally finished it.  
  september 2010  
  jungle joe  
  Very old acoustic song from Quebec City days. Finally recorded as a test for my new Taylor guitar.  
  july 2010  
  bits & pieces: malaysia & thailand 2009/10  
  Basically a video test of the Canon 5dmkii.  
  april 2010  
  malaysia and thailand 2009/10  
  Some pretty nice pics from my Christmas/new year trip to Malaysia; and using my very fine Canon 5Dmkii.  

november 2009

  Around Tokyo Autumn 2009  
  Already two years and more of separation, divorce, ending. And yet returning to who I am is a slow step by step affair. Here's one step. I replaced my 7 year old 10D camera with the fantastic 5DII and renewed my passion for pics. Here are some test photos taken around Tokyo in preparation for my trip to Malaysia.  
august 2009
  the final chapter: england 2000  
june 2009
  the cat who swam the english channel  
  I've made a new section and this is the first content. I was at first dismissive of the audio book trend, thinking it was just for lazy idiots. Then it became clear I'm also a lazy idiot.  
march 2009
  Let's Go Greece  
october 2008
  Autumn in Nara 2006  
september 2008
  traditional Japanese music and dance  
  Mexico 2001  
july 2008
  Italy 2004  
may 2008
  Portugal 2002  
  new kids lit  
  the girl who saved the green  
november 2007
  to what depths have we plunged  
september 2007
  I've made a new web site to advertise for ESL students. It's a subdomain at the moment. I may buy a new domain name for it. The Japanese side is almost done.  
september 2007
  I've removed my diary. Prospective students are visiting this site, so it seemed a bit inappropriate.  
august 2007

Wordsworth, in The Prelude:


There are in our existence spots of time,

That with distinct pre-eminence retain

A renovating virtue, whence, depressed

By false opinions and contentious thought,

Or aught of heavier or more deadly weight,

In trivial occupations, and the round

Of ordinary daily intercourse, our minds

Are nourished and invisibly repaired. [12. 208-15]


For me these spots of time are most often musical or musical and visual combined. So I've put together a very brief and incomplete autobiography based on certain particular events marked by music.

  new kids lit  
  the cat who swam the english channel  
  This is actually an old story from years ago. It's edited and reworked and now a really good read. Check it out.  
june 2007
  new kids lit  
  stoopid kids  
  It's new and I think it could be pretty good. I wrote it in my head over an 18 month period and it took me about a year to type it up. It's the 5th draft but I have no editor. Any volunteers? If you really want to read it all, I'd suggest printing it out: it's (kid's) book size.  
  new life  
  ode to wine  
  Well, it's from last year, but now is the perfect time to add it.  
may 2007
  authentic voice  
march 2007
  hi definition: tokyo weekends  
  What used to be a two minute sample of the the HD video camera is now a eight minute collection of weekend outings.  
february 2007
  hi definition: indonesia 2006  
Here the first holiday video using the Sony HDR HC1 HD video camera. Too bad my brain was running at low definition!
  Well, not really new music: I have added a comparison between the room reverb in BFD drum software and a few choices from Aliverb, a reverb software. Not of general interest!  
november 2006
  Also I have added slide shows with music in most of the photo albums.  
  august 2006  
new comedy

I admit it's not much to add since March! But I'm still pretty screwed up from my hospital drama.


Anyway, after Apple provided a sneak peak at their next OS, I was reading some very idiotic posts on several message boards. So I decided to do a quick parody. Sadly, it reads more like a transcript! Oh well, each to his own OS!

  march 2006  
  I am still (four months later!) recovering from some unspeakable surgery, which is why it looks like I've been very lazy for some time. I've also been very lazy for some time. Any way, out shopping for an electric razor (which is surprisingly connected to the unspeakable surgery) I accidentally got out of the lift on the wrong floor and then accidentally bought this new HD video camera--mainly because it had just been discontinued and was half price. So this is just a quick two minute sample of a recent weekend visit to a friends.  
  september 2005  
why (script)
If . . . (script)
  If . . .  
  The video of a live performance.  

august 2005

  The video of a live performance. Watch it: or else!  
  21 hours in the life of a tokyo policeman  
  Comedy: High jinks on the beat with a tokyo bobby .  
  golden week: 23 minutes of golden memories  
  Yes, these videos are coming fast and furious now! This one is quite nice. I think the "monster wave" is particularly impressive.  
  my daily blob  
  Short comedy.  

july 2005

  the final chapter  
  After all these years a new poem. Don't expect any more. Poetry is for the young. I have seen all my daffodils.  

I have completely redesigned the entire site!

I have also included complete web page texts for everything, including novel length stuff.

You can now click and download documents for just about everything.

The text documents are now PDF files.

  japan: about 2000  
  Yes another video for you viewing and listening pleasure. Usual problems: trying to edit crap footage into something worth watching. This one starts slow but gets pretty fun by the end. And some really great music once again.  

I have made all the photos lager and slightly higher resolution. For those with 14 inch monitors (or monitors set to the wrong resolution) this will make viewing awkward. For every one else the pics look much nicer. I have also reselected the content and reduced the number: so there are now less but they are all worth looking at. Finally the old days black and white stuff is now complete.

  The studio section is finally up and includes some humour for those of you who are not actual gear heads.  

june 2005

  japan year zero  

Finally a new video!!!!!!

Lots more coming soon(ish). For the time being there are two versions: one using the latest Quicktime 7 codec (compression thingy) which gives amazing results; the other for those yet to get the latest free player.


spring 2005

  nothing without you  

This is my newest song. It's pretty good.

  back in the factory  
  New old song.  

This is a slightly new arrangement, with new instrumentation and better quality recording.

  hokkaido 2004  
  italy 2004